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Product Line

Natural Whole Almonds are sold by variety, size and grade. The primary California almond varietal groups are Nonpareil, California and Mission. The California Group makes up approximately 35% of the total almond acreage and includes Fritz, Merced, Monterey, Price, Sonora, Thompson, and many other varieties. Natural whole almonds are offered inshell or shelled, and can be sized or unsized. Whole and broken, and almond pieces are also available.

Grades are established by USDA.

Manufactured Almonds include sliced, diced. split or slivered products. Flakes, meals and flours are also available.

Blanched Almonds have their skins removed through a steaming process and are available in whole and manufactured forms.

Almonds can also be dry or oil roasted. Most products can be manufactured to meet customized specifications and confectionery grade standards.  

Packaging:  Packaging options include 50 and 25 pound cartons. We have the ability to pack a wide variety of sizes suitable for food service, retail or institutional buyers.


California Group
Mission Group


Whole & Broken
Diced Large 30/16
Diced Medium 22/8
Diced Fine 12/8
Sliced Thick
Sliced Medium
Sliced Thin
Slivered (Blanched)
Flakes Large
Flakes Small
Flour (ground)
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